ProSystem fX Engagement – “Partially Failed” Sync


Using Engagement Version 7.0.1, I received a “Partially Failed” Sync error when try to sync my binder. Following is a partial copy and paste from the error log.

Status Partially Failed

Failed WorkPapers

WP ID {028198C5-6C59-4048-9889-1473CA510114}

WP Index [Workpaper Number]

WP Name [Name of your workpaper]

Error Number -2147220927

Error Description Exclusive access not available for file. File: C:\Pfx Engagement\Admin\Workpapers\[Server Name]\{3C48DB71-E84B-45DB-BF75-DDB6855731AE}\{028198C5-6C59-4048-9889-1473CA510114}.xlsx.szp


On your server, restart the service pfxsynpft. Then, resync your local file room. Viola!