Acrobat – How to use letterhead on different pages

I was recently creating a pdf document that required electronic letterhead to be applied to multiple pages.  Acrobat Pro has this ability, but in a limited implementation.  As the watermark (aka letterhead in this case) function stands in Acrobat Pro 11, it can be only applied to one page or a range of pages at a time.  

This work well in most cases.  However, I needed it to be applied to multiple pages that were not in a range.  This cannot be done in a clean and easy manner.   However, there are several workarounds that can help you to solve this problem.

  • Use the insert background image function.  Next to the insert watermark function is the ability to insert a background image.  As far as I can tell, this is the same process as the watermark with the same options.  Therefore, if you need a watermark on page 2 and 10, you can create page 2 as a watermark and page 10 as a background image.
  • Put the pages in a row that need watermarks.  Go to the page thumbnail view, drag and drop them in the order that you need, apply the watermark, then put the pages back into the original order.
  • Use the watermark function multiple times.  This may be the easiest option.  The only downside may be that you feel less victorious and creative for coming up with a crafty work around.  All you do is insert a water mark on the first page or range where you need it.  Then, repeat on the next page or range.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

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