Slide with table embedded into it

Embed a Live Google Spreadsheet into Google Slides

If you are using Google Slides to create a presentation with data from a Google Sheet, you may want to show that data as a linked table. If you create the table in Google Slides with no linking, it will not update if the data in the Google Sheet changes. Also, this is double work as the data is already in the Sheet, so re-typing it is a waste of time. Below are instructions on how to embed a live Google Sheet directly into your Google Slide. The table that is created will update with one-click and can be styled however you like. Live links to the Slide and Sheet shown in this tutorial are at the end of this article.

Delete the existing text box

Slides wants a blank area for the table. If you have a text box in your slide, delete it to make a nice, big open space.

Text box to be deleted
Text box to be deleted
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Create the Sheet

You need a spreadsheet created in Google Sheets with the table of data that you want to display in your Google Slide. In your spreadsheet, highlight the range that you want, right-click, and select Copy.

Table to Copy
Table to be copied

Paste it into your Slide

Then, go to the location in your Google Slides where you would like the table to be inserted. Right-click with your mouse and choose Paste. After clikcing, a window will pop-up asking you if you want to Link to spreadsheet or Paste unlinked. Choose Link to spreadsheet and click Paste.

Table to Link
Choose Link to spreadsheet

Oh yes, that’s a live, linked table that you’re seeing.

Slide with table embedded into it
Google Slide with embedded Sheet

Working with your embedded table

Updating the embedded table

After linking the table, if you want to change the data within the table, you can go back to the Google Sheet to make the changes. When you come back to the Google Slide after making the changes, there will be a new option available to update the table when you right click on the table as shown in the picture below.

No update option showing
Update option showing

Adding rows

If you add rows to your table in Sheets, you may notice that the added rows don’t show up in the linked table in Slides. You will need to go back to the table in Slides after making the change, left click the more button (three vertical dots), and choose Change range.

Change range option
Option to change the range


Following the steps above should provide you with an easy way to insert a live, linked spreadsheet into your Google Slides. Enjoy!

Live Google Slide with an embedded Sheet

Live Google Sheet that is being embedded

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