Gmail message with multiple attachments

Gmail – Download multiple attachments from an email at once

If you’re using Gmail and you’ve received an email with more than one file attached to it, it can time consuming to download them. This article will show an easy way to download them all at once, saving you all of the extra steps.

Gmail message with multiple attachments
Gmail message with multiple attachments

You can download each attachment separately by hovering over the thumbnail and clicking the download icon but this can take a long time. There is a lot of repeated steps if you do it this way.

Download all attachments at once
Download them one at a time

However, if you move your cursor to the upper right hand corner of the attachments and hover over the icon as shown in the next picture below, instead of downloading one attachment, this gives you the option to download all of the attachments at once.

Download all attachments at once
Download all attachments at once

Video explanation

The file that is downloaded will be a Zip file which is one compressed file with all of the downloads compressed inside of it.

Zipped file in file explorer
The zip file with the attachments in it

To open the Zip file using Windows 10, double click on the file then click the button that says “extract” on it. Click it and do extract all.

Extract all
Extract all of the files

This will extract all of the attachments whether there were two or twenty saving you time for other things in your life!

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