Data validation menu option

Google Sheets – Create drop downs in less than one minute

You may be looking to give your spreadsheet users a quick drop down from which they select a value. You can create this feature in a few, simple steps. Keep in mind that some newer spreadsheet programs have a built-in drop-down data type.

Data Validation

You start out by going to the Data menu and then selecting Data validation. Note that you have to be on the desktop version of Sheets to create this drop down. There is no Data validation option in mobile Sheets.

Data validation menu option
Menu option for Data validation

Once you have selected Data validation, select the List of items option.

List of items option from drop down box
Choose list of items

Type the different values for your drop down.

Values for drop down
Values for drop down

You’re done! This drop down will always be in this cell with exactly the values that you entered. If you want to change the values, you will can go back into the Data validation options and change them from there.

Finished drop down
Finished drop down

Follow image below for the live Google Sheet with this data

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