Excel file in Google Drive

How to Link an Excel File to a Google Sheet With Automatic Updating

If you have an Excel file that you want to directly linked to a Google Sheet, this can be accomplished using the steps outlined below. The Google Sheet that will be created will be automatically updated if the Excel file changes.

Google Drive

The first step is to upload your Excel file to Google Drive. The linking of the Sheet and Excel spreadsheet happens in the cloud. The original file and the new Google Sheet must both be in Google Drive. As seen in the example above, an Excel file called Record employee time including night shift.xlsx has been uploaded to Drive.

Excel file in Google Drive
Excel file in Drive


After you have your Excel file uploaded to Google Drive, navigate to Sheetgo, go to Data Source, and choose Add source. Sheetgo will show you the files that you have in Google Dirve. In the picture below, it is showing the Excel file that we just uploaded. We will choose that file. Use the code OAKTREE_OFF for 10% off your first year if you choose the annual payment option.

Excel file in Sheetgo
Excel file in Sheetgo

The destination will default to a Google Sheet named New Spreadsheet. You could go into Google Drive, create a new spreadsheet with any name you want, and add it to that if you wanted.

Excel file in Sheetgo
Excel file in Sheetgo

Below is the file opened in Sheets that was just created.

New File in Sheets

Excel file in Sheets
Excel imported into Sheets

Now you have a Sheets file with the same data that the Excel file has in just a few, easy steps!

Video Explanation

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