weight and other buttons

MyFitnessPal – Adding a previous day’s weight

Anyone who has used MyFitnessPal to track their weight has inevitably missed a day here and there. Maybe it was on purpose, if you had a weekend binge, or perhaps you did weigh yourself and just forgot to log it. If you forget for quite some time, your nice little graph will have a long, sloped line between your two most recent weigh ins.

To get around this problem, you can now add weigh in amounts from previous days by following these simple steps.

From the home screen of the app, tap the “+” button and then tap weight.

weight and other buttons
Weight and other buttons

After tapping weight, it brings you to a graph of your weight and wants you to enter today’s weight at the bottom of the screen.

graph with plus
Graph with plus button

Here’s the trick. Instead of entering your weight now, press where the word today is.

today button
Today button

Now you will see the option to choose what day your weight measurement is from.

date selector
Date selector

And there you have it! Next time you remember that you didn’t enter your weight last night, you can go back and enter it tonight.

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