Learn Pivot Tables Slicers in Google Sheets – Free Course

Slicers allow you to filter the data in a pivot table with easy-to-use front-end controls. You can add, change, or delete the filters with drop downs as the pivot table updates in real time. Slicers do not delete any data, they simply filter the data that is coming from the source table into the pivot table.

This free course is part of a larger pivot table course and is designed to get you update to speed quickly. It contains a video, a LINKED GOOGLE SHEETS file for you to copy and use, and built-in notes. You’ll have lifetime access to this course.

Experienced Instructor

Adam Steinfurth (AKA Prolific Oaktree) works on different clients' spreadsheet on a daily basis. This course is drawn from this experience and from feedback on the videos and articles that created about spreadsheets over the years.

Video Based

The ideas in this course are conveyed through screencast videos supplemented with notes and quizes. We'll walk through the exact steps needed to create and customize your Pivot Tables and discuss the "how" and the "why" along the way.

Shared files

The files shown in the video are made available to everyone that purchases the course. You can copy them into your own Google Drive and you will have unlimited access to them.