combine tables with FILTER

Google Sheets – Combine Data without Query | Different Worksheets

This post is written to accompany the YouTube video showing how to combine multiple tables of data in your Google Sheet without using the QUERY function.

Oftentimes, data that you want to analyze is spread across multiple sheets and multiple files. If you want to combine tables found on multiple worksheets and/or multiple worksheets, these four different techniques will help you join them together. Each technique results in different output. Choose the one that works best for you.

These methods are meant for data with like headers and data types.

Combine tables using UNIQUE
Four circumstances covered
  • Keep Original Order
    • Keep the order of the original data by stacking each list.
  • Sorted
    • Sort the resultant table by any column.
  • Duplicates removed
    • Remove any duplicate lines of data if you don’t want them in your sample.
  • No blank rows
    • Remove any blank rows from your new table.

Also, data from another file can be pulled into these formulas using the IMPORTRANGE function.

 Live examples in Sheets

Go to this spreadsheet for examples combining data.

Sway with Google Doc

Embed a Google Doc into a Microsoft Sway Presentation

If you’re using Microsoft’s Sway and you want to embed a Google Doc, there’s just a couple easy steps to do it.

Sway with Google Doc
The title of your Sway

Create a new Sway and give it a title. I’ve called this one Embedding a Google Doc.

Media group
Choose the media group

Next, click the plus sign to add more content. Choose the Media group then click the Embed option.

Choose the embed option

Video explanation”

Publish to the web
Publish your Doc to the web
Publish button
Click the publish button

Sway is now waiting for the embed code. You need to get the code from your Google Doc by going to the document’s File menu and choosing Publish to the web. Once in the Publish to the web page, you need to click the blue Publish button one time to open up the Doc. After you have clicked Publish, you can highlight the embed code and copy it to your clipboard.

Embed code for Docs
Embed option in Google Docs

Go back to your Microsoft Sway. Go to the box waiting for your input, and paste the code.

Embed card with code
Sway card with embed code

You’ve embedded that Google Doc. This is live. If you were to update this in Docs, this document that’s showing here would be updated. You can also interact with this document to a certain extent with the icon lower right hand corner. You can download it or print it.

Finished sway with Google Doc
Sway with embedded document
.5 inch hanging margin

Google Docs | APA or MLA Hanging Indent Works Cited with Template


If you want to create a works cited page that is APA and MLA compliant in Google Docs, you will need to use hanging indents of 1/2″. Let’s start with a works cited page with no indents as seen below.

No hanging indent
Doc without hanging indents


First, you need to make sure that you can see your ruler. If you can’t see the ruler, go to View. Show ruler should be checked.

Google Docs ruler
Make sure your ruler is showing

Video explanations

The second thing is, for works cited entries that are more than one line, make sure you have not used the Enter key between the lines. If you have used the Enter key in between lines, Docs is not going to know what lines belong together, so it’s not going to do the indent right.

Next, select all of the text in the area that needs the hanging indents. Then, take your cursor up to the ruler. You’ll see a horizontal line which is the First Line Indent and a triangle which is the Left Indent that are together right now. They act together so just left click on them anywhere and drag them to the right half an inch.

left indent and margin .5
Left indent and margin .5 inch

You’ll know it’s a half inch because that number above the two symbols is going to show you 0.5. This indents everything. We’re halfway there. Now just grab the top part of the two which is called “First line indent”, the little rectangle, and go back to zero. There, you have a hanging indent.

left indent .5 margin 0
Left indent .5 left margin 0

Every entry now is covered by the hanging indents. You will be able to tell because, if there’s a subsequent line like the third entry, it will indent the subsequent line.

.5 inch hanging margin
Doc with hanging indents


So there you go. It’s not too bad once you know how to do it. It’s just learning the trick of how to apply it. I hope that was helpful.

Live Google Doc Template with Hanging Indents

To start with this template, go to File and choose Make a copy.

Snipping Tool in the Start menu

How to insert a YouTube video link into a Google Doc with a thumbnail

They are many reasons why you may want to inserts a YouTube Video link into your Google Doc but there is no menu option for doing this. Following is a series of steps that will allow you to create a link to a YouTube video in your document complete with a clickable thumbnail. To the reader of the document, this will be an obvious YouTube link that looks like one from the web. When clicked, it will bring the reader to the video.

These steps give you a clickable thumbnail, but they will not embed the player into your document.

Screen clip

Start by finding the video that you want on YouTube. Once you have found the video, use the Snipping Tool built into windows and grab a screen clip of the video thumbnail.

Snipping Tool in the Start menu
Snipping Tool in the Start menu

To find the Snipping Tool hit your Start button and type “Snip”. Press enter once it is highlighted.

Save the snip to your computer.

Video explanation which is actually a video!

Insert the images

Go back to your Google Doc and place your cursor where you would like to insert the video. Go to Insert and then Drawing.

Insert drawing option
Insert drawing option

While you are in the insert drawing window, you will be inserting two images.

Insert image option
Insert image option

For the first image, use the upload option and choose the screenshot that you just took with the Snipping Tool.

Upload image option
Upload an image

After inserting your screen shot file, go back to Insert image, then More, and choose search. Search for “YouTube Play Button” and choose which one you would like.

Search YouTube button
Search for a YouTube button

All ready

Shrink this button and move it over the middle of the screen shot. Your drawing is now ready. You have a thumbnail pictures of your YouTube video that will take you directly to the YouTube video page with it ready to play.

Finished YouTube thumbnail image
Finished YouTube thumbnail image

Follow image below for the live Google Doc with a YouTube link

docs share icon