different tables being combined

Google Sheets – Combining Tables With Different Data Using VLOOKUP

When using Google Sheets, often times you can find yourself wanting to pull data from one table into another. However, these two tables don’t always have the same types of data in the same order. As long as there is at least one value in common, you can use a few tricks to bring data from different tables together into one combined table.

See this YouTube video for a walkthrough of the steps.

We will go over how to do this using several relatively basic steps and ending with the super-useful VLOOKUP formula. VLOOKUP typically looks to the right (we’ll get there), but we can also trick the function and have it look to the left.

In September 2022, Google Released the XLOOKUP function. It is an easier to use and more flexible alternative to VLOOKUP.

 Live examples in Sheets

Go to this spreadsheet for examples combining data.