Uploading Files to Spreadsheet.com

Uploading Files to Spreadsheet.com

One of the great things about Google Sheets is that, when it comes to uploading images, you have the option to either upload images over cells, where they can be moved and resized freely or upload the images inside the cells. It is impossible to do the latter in Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet.com does this and then some.

Not only can you upload images inside the cells, but you can also upload other file types such as PDFs, DOCX et cetera – a feature that is non-existent in both Google Sheets and Excel.

Uploading an Image over Cells

To upload an image over a cell(s) in Spreadsheet.com, go to Insert > Image and select the desired image from the respective source:

Go to Insert > Image

It’s worth noting that Spreadsheet.com gives you the option to upload your image from various sources. You can upload from your device, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive or Dropbox:


Various upload sources are available



Uploading an Image inside a Cell

To upload the image inside a cell, you have to first set the data type of the column to “attachment”. To do this simply click on the respective column header, click on the dropdown on the far-right of the column header, click on “Edit data type…” and select “attachment”:


Go to the column header and click on “Edit data type…”


Set the type to “Attachment”


Notice that in the above pop-up, you have the option to make the cells of the column small, medium or large in order to comfortably accommodate the file types to be attached. There’s also the option to set the data type as strict which would prevent entry of any other data type in the column save for the specified one.

Once the column data type is set as “attachment”, images can be added inside any cell in that column. To do this, simply click on the cell to add an image to, click on the “attach” icon:


Uploading other file types inside cells

As mentioned before, Spreadsheet.com edges out both Google Sheets and Excel considering the fact that you can upload files such as PDFs. But how do we upload other file types? Quite simply:

  • Set the column data type to “attachment” (as explained above)
  • Upload the desired file and it’s going to appear inside the cell. 

A PDF file stored inside a cell would look like this:

Upon clicking the PDF, the document should open.

Note: Attachments cannot be added to your primary column. You’d first have to de-select the primary column setting before you can add attachments to any cell in that column. Conversely, you cannot set a column to be a primary column if the specified data type is not “Standard”. You can read more about primary columns here.

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