email showing in Yahoo inbox

View and print Yahoo Mail attachments without saving

The Problem

Yahoo Mail does not let you view attachments and print them like other email programs without saving them first. In order to view attachments full screen and print them, you are forced to save them onto your computer and then open them. This creates extra steps and leaves the clutter of all of your past attachments in your computer’s file system

email showing in Yahoo inbox
Typical email preview with the paperclip icon indicating an attachment


The files are shown as colored square icons at the bottom of your email message. If you hover your mouse over the icon, you get the option to download the file. Click on the white letters that say download at the bottom of the icon.

download icon
Icon showing attachment

Video explanation

The next step is where the trouble starts. Instead of the document showing when you click on it or giving you the option to open it, you only have the option to save or cancel. This is assuming that you are using Google Chrome. The Edge browser may show slight variances in these two options but it still won’t let you open the file.

download icon
Save or cancel, no open!

Why it happens

The reason this is happening is because of the browser that you are using. Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge browser do not have the option to open files without saving them first. However, both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers do let you open files. First, we will look at Internet Explorer.

Solution 1

The easiest solution is to use Internet Explorer. This program should already be installed on almost any Windows computer. You can find it on Windows 10 by going to all programs, Windows Accessories, Internet Explorer.

IE in the start menu
Internet Explorer in the Start Menu

Next, open up Internet Explorer and click on the colored rectangle icon to view your attachment. Now you get the option to OPEN it. Viola! If you open it, you can view and print it without saving.

download icon
Internet Explorer gives you the option to open the file

Solution 2

For a more secure solution, you can download the Firefox browser which will give you an up-to-date browser that has constant security and feature updates. Firefox is developed and maintained by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.

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