Column of numbers

Google Sheets – Count cells greater or less than an amount

If you’re using Google Sheets and you have a column of data in which you want to count the number of items that are greater or less than a certain amount, there are a couple of small nuances to it, but generally, it’s pretty easy.

Column of numbers
Column of numbers

Column of numbers with COUNT function
Numbers with a count

To perform this count using the data in the images above, we’ll be using the COUNTIF function in cell C11. This is a function that’s going to count a range if a certain criteria is met.

  • Place your cursor in cell C11 and type =COUNTIF(C3:C9,">30000"). The C3 is the start of the range and C9 is the end.
  • After you type the range into the function, enter a comma. That lets Google Sheets know that you are done with the range.
  • Then, enter the criteria surround by quotes. We’re going to do anything greater than 30,000. Don’t put a comma in your 30000 or it’s going to think it’s text instead of number.

After you entered the formula, you can see there are four items over 30,000 and this counted them. Easy as pie.

Video explanation

 Live examples in Sheets

Go tothis spreadsheet for examples of that you can study and use anywhere you would like.

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