Snipping Tool in the Start menu

How to insert a YouTube video link into a Google Doc with a thumbnail

They are many reasons why you may want to inserts a YouTube Video link into your Google Doc but there is no menu option for doing this. Following is a series of steps that will allow you to create a link to a YouTube video in your document complete with a clickable thumbnail. To the reader of the document, this will be an obvious YouTube link that looks like one from the web. When clicked, it will bring the reader to the video.

These steps give you a clickable thumbnail, but they will not embed the player into your document.

Screen clip

Start by finding the video that you want on YouTube. Once you have found the video, use the Snipping Tool built into windows and grab a screen clip of the video thumbnail.

Snipping Tool in the Start menu
Snipping Tool in the Start menu

To find the Snipping Tool hit your Start button and type “Snip”. Press enter once it is highlighted.

Save the snip to your computer.

Video explanation which is actually a video!

Insert the images

Go back to your Google Doc and place your cursor where you would like to insert the video. Go to Insert and then Drawing.

Insert drawing option
Insert drawing option

While you are in the insert drawing window, you will be inserting two images.

Insert image option
Insert image option

For the first image, use the upload option and choose the screenshot that you just took with the Snipping Tool.

Upload image option
Upload an image

After inserting your screen shot file, go back to Insert image, then More, and choose search. Search for “YouTube Play Button” and choose which one you would like.

Search YouTube button
Search for a YouTube button

All ready

Shrink this button and move it over the middle of the screen shot. Your drawing is now ready. You have a thumbnail pictures of your YouTube video that will take you directly to the YouTube video page with it ready to play.

Finished YouTube thumbnail image
Finished YouTube thumbnail image

Follow image below for the live Google Doc with a YouTube link

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