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Text boxes in Excel – How and when to use them with Examples

Insert Text Box into Excel

If you are having trouble fitting text into a particular cell, or if you want a cleaner, easier method to show larger pieces of text, inserting a text box into your spreadsheet is a good solution.  In our post about using text boxes in spreadsheets, we see how many steps there are to inserting text if you do not use a text box.  The steps for inserting text using a text box are simple.

Click on the Insert Ribbon

insert ribbon 

and then click on Text Box.

insert text box

In the editing window, click where you want the upper left hand corner of the box.  While holding down the left button, drag down and to the right until the box is the size and shape you would like.  You are now ready to type as the cursor is already in the box waiting for you.

You can style the text by right clicking on the text the same way in which you would format other text.  In order to make the text box stand out, you can also right-click on the border of the box to change the weight of the border, the color, and the fill of the background.

style text box 2

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