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Embed a Live Excel Spreadsheet into a Microsoft Sway Presentation

If you’re using Microsoft’s Sway and you want to insert an Excel spreadsheet, there’s just a couple easy steps to do it.

Title of Sway
The title of your Sway

Create a new Sway and give it a title. I’ve called this one Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet.

Media group
Choose the media group

Next, click the plus sign to add more content. Choose the Media group then click the Embed option.

Choose the embed option

Video explanation

Create new Excel workbook
Create a new Excel workbook
Upload Excel workbook
Upload an existing Excel workbook

Sway is now waiting for the embed code. You need to get the code from Excel after you’ve uploaded it to OneDrive (or created it online to begin with). So, assuming you’ve uploaded your Excel flle, we’re going to step forward from that point. If you haven’t done that, you need to open up OneDrive and upload it.

Embed option in Excel
Embed option in Excel online

In the online Excel workbook, go to Share and embed and the code is ready at the bottom of the next window. You will be presented with a screen to select different parts of your spreadsheet, leave it at the default for now. Copy the embed code from your clipboard and go back to your Microsoft Sway. Go to the box waiting for your input, and paste the code.

Embed card with code
Sway card with embed code

You’ve embedded that Microsoft document. This is live. If you were to update this in Excel, this document that’s showing here would be updated. You can also interact with this document to a certain extent with the icon lower right hand corner. You can download it or print it.

Sway with embedded document
Sway with embedded document

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